29 September 2014

Matcha Granola 抹茶グラノーラ

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i bought some freeze-dried raspberries from iherb.com and thought it would be a great addition to a batch of granola. matcha granola seems to be a hit these days and for a matcha fanatic like me, this was not to be missed. i came across this recipe from a japanese website and honestly, i haven't made much granola to know whether it was good or not. my first and last granola recipe was from joyofbaking and it was soooo good i just stuck with it all these years.

19 September 2014

Matcha Marshmallows II

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3 years ago i made these and i wasn't happy with it so this is a revisit of my all-time favorite marshmallow recipe. this time i added much more matcha powder and you can probably see from the hue that the matcha flavor is pretty potent. i also added more gelatin so its firm enough to cut without having to dust with starch/powdered sugar. will experiment with other flavors soon, very exciting. i bought a couple of berry powders and will try out the raspberry one to see if it works.

11 July 2014

Strawberry Chiffon Cupcakes シフォン・カップケーキ

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recently, i've been making chiffon-based cakes really often. i don't just make the actual chiffon per se, i realized they're actually pretty good made into roll cake, sheet cake base for entremets/verrines or even into cupcakes. they yield much better results (soft even upon refrigeration) and simpler to make compared to a dry hard genoise. genoise requires warming the eggs and sugar to body temp and then whisked until ribbon stage which i think is too much work.

30 May 2014

Sweets & Desserts 2014

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the first half of 2014 went by in a blur. i felt that i haven't been baking much but looking back, i actually made tons of stuff. some of them were uploaded on flickr and forgotten but most of the time, i didn't bother using my DSLR so i just took some shots with my phone and uploaded them on instagram. here are some of the stuff i made + orders i took as well.

i had a couple of orders for japanese-inspired macarons. this is my first year making sakura ones and according to my customers, they were pretty well received. i guess the saltiness of the sakura flowers and leaves offset the sweetness of the macarons. i also experimented with jasmine flavored macarons. jasmine tea is dirt cheap so i had no qualms in dumping a whole lot of leaves in the cream. yay to pronounced jasmine flavor!

06 May 2014

Matcha Marble Bread 抹茶マーブルパン

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i've neglected my blog for so long, sorry about that. i just haven't had much time on hand. macaron orders aside, i'm also working on something (which i will reveal later here!). meanwhile, i made few days ago. having made croissants and had considerably successful results, i'm now more confident in laminating dough so i thought i wanted to give this a try. my first attempt at marbled bread looked horrible and to think of it, it was pretty embarrassing. i thought this attempt was way better, in terms of height, swirl pattern and texture. the only problem was letting my mind wander off and i actually made 4 bookturns instead of 3 so the swirls weren't that distinctive.


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